One of DopplerTechs core capabilities is radar support to include:

• Radar Operations
• Depot Level Radar Maintenance
• Advamced Radar Data Analysis
• Radar Optical systems

DopplerTech currently owns 6 radar systems and all support equipment necessary for worldwide support. DopplerTech has supported hundreds of missions for many domestic customers such as:

• U.S. Army
• U.S. Navy
• U.S. Air Force
• Raytheon
• Lockheed Martin
• General Atomics
• Orbital ATK
• Northrop Grumman

DopplerTech has also supported many foreign customers on live fire missions:

• Komatsu (Japan)
• IDF (Israel)
• Woomera Test Range (Australia)

DopplerTech has supported firing tests ranging from handguns to ICBM's to include:

• Artillery
• Mortars
• Rockets
• Large Missile Launches (Space Shuttle, Atlas, Delta, Antares, Falcon etc.)
• Small Munitions
• Air to Air
• Air to Ground

DopplerTech Falcon
DopplerTech Falcon